Campesinos are what coffee farmers are called in Guatemala. They're the ones who passionately contribute their lives so that we can enjoy a vibrant Guatemalan cup. As we became more involved in the lives of these Campesinos, we never expected to learn of their generational investment in coffee. Many of these Campesinos have upwards of 5 generations of family who have called coffee farming their livelihood. Many of their lands have been passed down from generation to generation and possess a rich historical and relational heritage. 

We'd like for you to meet the farmers behind your cup of coffee.



Location: La Cruz

Don Timeoteo is the president of La Cooperative San Pedrana. He's a blast to be around and extremely friendly. He has been coffee farming for over 40 years and his family has farmed now for over 4 generations. His son, now 21, is soon to become the 5th generation. 



Location: North Yepocapa

Don Mauricio is an active member at the coffee cooperative. He's often at their weekly meetings and helps out when needed. Mauricio owns a high altitude plot of land just north of town containing Caturra and Catuai coffee plants. He's often their truck driver as well.



Location: Mount De Los Olives

Don Pedro is both a family man and a lover of coffee. His land lies just east of Yepocapa in a community named "Mount De Los Olives." He takes coffee farming to a whole new level with his dedication and passion. You can find his family laughing and enjoying music as they pick.

Where exactly did my coffee come from?

Checkout the "Terranos" around Yepocapa and see where the Campesinos make the magic happen.