Yepocapa: Small Plot Farmers Select


Last year, La Cooperativa San Pedrana produced three coffees ranging from an 84 to an 86. Being their first year to ever export coffee, we knew there'd be room for improvement. From the commentary of roasters, we took that feedback directly to the farmers and asked what they thought... 

Their response was jaw dropping! They responded by first stating that they had never received feedback before. In over 50 years of coffee farming, this was their first time to hear about their coffee as a final product; the good, bad, and ugly so to speak. They thought it was so cool to hear that their product had made it to places like Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, and South Carolina and that the roasters were willing to write up commentaries on each coffee.

So with this feedback, the leadership of the cooperative opened up an opportunity for farmers to enter a group of farmers who would dedicate themselves to picking fully ripe cherries despite challenges from coffee robbers and climate variables that often discourage farmers from picking ripe. 

Cherries started coming in ripe! Farmers felt honored to be a part of a group whose coffee would be separated out and eventually exported to roasters in the States. Additionally, the cooperative hired 10 additional workers at the wet mill to ensure ripeness. As bags were dumped into the hopper to be de-pulped, these marvelous workers picked out any underripe beans ensuring a second level of quality selection. 

When we cupped these coffees, the difference was amazing. It validated all the extra hard work that went into this coffee. Acidity was bright and enjoyable, sweetness was more notable, clarity and balance on point. 

We're super thankful for this lot and it shows us that relationships between roasters and farmers can actually make a difference! We hope you think similarly by the way this coffee tastes! 


Producer: La Cooperativa San Pedrana Argricola Integral

Varietal: Mixed Varietal

Region: San Pedro Yepocapa, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Altitude: 1,400+ masl

Harvest: Nov, 2016 - Feb, 2018

Processing: Washed

Dry Milling: 15+ Screen Size in 152lb/69kg Grain-Pro EP SHB

Cupping Notes: Walnut Honey Sweetness, Swiss Chocolate, Rounded Juiciness, Light Caramel, Medium Bodied.

Patio Select

Price: $3.40/lb

Availability: 96 Bags (69kg GrainPro)

Raised Bed Select

Price: $3.55/lb

Availability: 13 Bags (69kg GrainPro)

Among the numerous luxuries of the table…coffee may be considered as one of the most valuable. It excites cheerfulness without intoxication; and the pleasing flow of spirits which it occasions…is never followed by sadness, languor or debility.
— Benjamin Franklin