Yepocapa: Farmers Select


This is our workhorse coffee and we’re really proud of it! This coffee is the representation that change can happen, growth is possible, and in part due to the relationships that have been with us along the years. I’m excited to share with you the history of this lot and the changes the farmers have made this last year to make it even better!!!

Before La Cooperativa San Pedrana had their export license, their only avenue was to sell on the commodity market or to street-level coyotes. In both cases, quality didn’t matter. 40 years of this style of trade occured which inadvertently told farmers their quality didn’t matter. Whether they picked ripe, or not, or whether they invested into their plant health, it didn’t matter in their price points. Farmers made logical decisions not to invest their time and money into their parcels because it’d be considered a bad investment with zero return. Sadly, this contributed to these plants being much more prone to leaf rust, low production, which leads to the eventual abandonment of coffee lands.

In March of 2015, la Cooperativa San Pedrana obtained their export license. This meant they could now begin forming relationships with buyers but they knew they had work to do on their quality production side of things. The majority of farmers were still accustomed to pick under-ripe and had fears to invest financially into their plants; reasonably so. So we started with a group of 12 farmers that were willing to meet with us and separate out their coffees ensuring peak ripeness which was 3 years ago now. The goal was to produce a lot that would represent La Cooperativa San Pedrana and to be able to form relationships with buyers based upon their quality that would be mutually beneficial. Supporting autonomous growth for smallholder farmers and quality coffee for Roasters.

This is how we started the Farmers Select group. A small amount of farmers were willing to make changes while feeling honored that their work would now matter. It valued them as human beings to be able to selection out their hard work into our Farmers Select lot. After three years of this lot, more farmers caught on and heard about the prices these 12 farmers were receiving for quality production. We’re proud to say this years’ Farmers Select contains coffee from now over 45 farmers who willingly participated and had their coffees inspected for maturation before being entered in. We’re proud of this coffee because it empowers change that’s good for the farmers, it’s good for the plants, and it’s good for Roasters!

From the profits of last year’s harvest, the cooperative was able to invest in a new roof and they also tiled their fermentation tanks. This made this coffee even more clean and got rid of the slight vegetal or hay-like flavor we had been finding in the cup. We also took this lot another level by being specific to the types of varietals that we enabled in to only ensure higher-known cupping varietals that have the potential to offer higher density beans.

Lastly, we love this coffee because it’s been so versatile. From the roasters that bought this coffee last year, almost all of them were able to use it for a single-origin drip and for espresso. We want this coffee to be affordable and tasty so that it can be used in any setting. Our goal to price this coffee more affordably is to help sell larger volumes. With selling large volumes, this helps us reach out to more farmers to be a part of our Farmers Select lots.

Cheers to good coffee!


Producer: La Cooperativa San Pedrana Argricola Integral

Varietal: Mixed Varietal

Region: San Pedro Yepocapa, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Altitude: 1,400+ masl

Harvest: Nov, 2018 - Feb, 2019

Processing: Washed Dry Fermentation Patio Dried

Dry Milling: 15+ Special Preparation in 152lb/69kg Grain-Pro EP SHB

Cupping Notes: Walnut Honey Sweetness, Swiss Chocolate, Rounded Juiciness, Light Caramel, Medium Bodied.

Price: $3.35/lb

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