Coming Soon: Micro-Lots


Really Starting to Make a Change...

Micro-lotting coffees means so much more to us than a good coffee. We believe it's the way in which we can incentivize quality and therefore help coffee farming become a more sustainable and successful career.

For most farmers that do an amazing job with their crop, their coffee is often tossed into commodity markets and all their efforts are seemingly wasted. No matter how hard they try to improve their product, they are constantly trying to weigh the balance between investing into their crops with no return or cutting costs to place the most on the table for their familes and future.

Sad concept, isn't it?!

This often discourages a focus on quality, and plants become even more susceptible to diseases like leaf rust and broca. Thankfully, buying in such a way where quality matters gives this fresh breath of hope back to the farmers. When quality is put first, varietals matter, farming practices matter, and their end product matters, because it's separated out and offered directly to people who'll appreciate their coffee for the excellence that it is.

This creates a system of honor and appreciation that actually promotes sustainability and success for the farmer while offering a genuinely better quality product back in the States for roasters. 

Most importantly, and joyfully, we're excited for you to get to know the people we've gotten to know. The Don Pedros of the world. The 20 year-old Jorge's of the world, and the Dona Marta's who all joyfully create something unique and equally amazing, coffee! 

So we're moving this direction. Oddly enough, the logisitcs to do this is insane. It takes smaller fermentation tanks, clear communication and leadership at every point, tracability, raised dry beds, and specil dry milling which realisticaly take both more time and money on the cooperative and farmer side of things. So we're working with our cooperative to move this direction and you'll find us growing in our micro-lot selection each year that passes as we invest into this infrastucture to provide that experiece that I think we all value.


Ryan Chipman

If I Had The Chance To Do It Again, I Wouldn’t Change A Thing!
— Landgrove Coffee