Meet the farmers firsthand!

For us, coffee is relationship. To take your relationship to a deeper level, we would love to introduce you to the source. Take it from us, there’s nothing like meeting your coffee farmer and personally helping him to pick coffee cherries from his plants. If you come to Yepocapa, you will be able to see and participate in every part of the coffee process – from plant to cup. You will also have the opportunity to connect with the community of Yepocapa and with the school Colegio Berea, whose mission you help support by buying our coffee.

Here’s a breakdown of what your week-trip might look like:

Sunday: Travel Day!

We'll pick you up at the airport around 1pm, grab some lunch, a cup of coffee, and make our way to Yepocapa! We'll eat dinner in Yepocapa and get you settled into the hotel for the night. 

Monday: Off to the fields!

From 7am-12:30pm, we'll get a chance to visit 2-3 farms, help pick coffee, and meet the farmers behind the scenes. After lunch, we'll visit the coffee cooperative and get a tour of how they process coffee. Then, its a night out in Yepocapa. We'll have a choice of eating street food or a more American style of food. 

Tuesday: Off to the fields!... Again!

From 7am-12:30pm, we'll visit some more farmers and get a chance to participate in their work. Feel free to interact with them using your own Spanish or using Chino as a translator. After lunch, we'll visit a jade shop and meet some artisans of petate and corte in a nearby village named Monte Llano. 

Wednesday: Colegio Berea!

We'll spend the morning with Chino's grandfather Papa León viewing his coffee lands. It'll be quite a hike but the view is spectacular! After lunch, we'll spend the afternoon at the school, meet the staff, and play a game of soccer with the kids. Dinner will be provided by Tia Pati; our adopted aunt.  

Thursday: Piña Blanca/La Nacimiento

Piña Blanca is a place where miniature waterfalls seem to surround you which creates a serine view. After our hike, we'll help prep for lunch and learn how to make tortillas. In the evening, we'll go for some native corn/rice drinks and papusas. 

Friday: Cupping Day

Do you remember the coffee we picked each day...? That coffee will be processed and we'll get a chance to cup what we picked. We'd love to hear your insight because your input will help us decide what we'll buy for our next shipment.

Saturday: Travel Day

After a busy week, although you probably had a great week, you'll be ready to return home. We'll drive you to the airport and we'll make sure your plane arrives before we leave. 


Send us a message on our contact page for more info.