Welcome To Yepocapa

This Guatemalan community is located between two volcanoes and settled between two ridge-lines, which protect it from the active volcano named Fuego. During the day, farmers are in their lands pruning and prepping their crop. When evening comes, locals fill the streets to congregate in the central park for a classic cup of Atol. Coffee is their primary crop here and it's a large part of their culture. Schools close for the harvesting months so that families here can focus their efforts on coffee. 


Processing and How It's Done

Here's an interactive Image of our Farmers Wet-Mill facility. Click on the flags below to learn more.

The Farmers: Campesinos

Farmers here in Yepocapa are delightful. They're extremely joyful, playful, and can always find a way to make a heavy situation light. They're mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and all connected to each other through their cooperative. There're approximately 140 farmers who gathered together to form this cooperative 50 years ago in order to establish better pricing for better processed coffees. At the end of the day, it's their efforts that have made this coffee a pleasure. From every square inch of compost they put down, to the pruning of each plant by hand, each farmer invests their time, money, and some extreme amounts of care for each plant. It's this care that we can taste!

Single Origin: Yepocapa, Guatemala

Guatemala produces some of the best coffees in the world. When in season, you'll see a Guatemalan coffee on bar at almost every known Specialty Coffee shop. They traditionally carry a delightful medium body with a clean sweetness and known chocolates. Yepocapa, however, is a bit unique! 

Yepocapa lies in a high altitude coastal region of Guatemala where it's neither hot nor cold. Add in some volcanoes and thousands of honey bees pollinating each plant, and you get a sweet honey floral taste with notes of caramel, cashew, and chocolates. This is the first year this coffee has made it to the United States and we're excited to source it for you!