Yepocapa: Nance (Yellow Bourbon/Caturra)


A Beautiful Anomaly.

Campesinos consider Nance a good luck charm. In Yepocapa, most farmers only have a few plants of this yellow coffee, but when they found out that it was one of Ryan's favorite coffees, they gathered together as much of it as possible: 2 bags!

Let's just say Ryan's planning on babying this coffee until it arrives safely at his front door ready to roast!

Unfortunately, Nance is not a plant the Campesinos plan on keeping around. While it has a great taste, it's susceptible to disease, so many have been cut down. 

This may be our only year of offering a yellow coffee, but the Campesinos are looking at other varietals like Costa Rica and CA1, which are known to cup even higher, so we guess Ryan will be okay with that! 


Producer: La Cooperativa San Pedrana Agricola Integral

Varietals: Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Caturra SHB

Region: San Pedro Yepocapa, Chimaltenango

Altitude: 4,500ft+

Harvest: Nov, 2016 - Feb, 2017

Processing: Washed

Dry Milling: 15+ Screen Size in 150lb 69kg Grain-Pro

Cupping Notes: Deep Chocolate, Sweet Brown Sugar Aroma, Simple Sweetness with Peanut Notes. Clean Round Body.

Price: $4.65/lb

Quantity: Sold Out

You Can Do It
— Coffee